Unipart Security operates according to the Unipart Group’s proprietary version of Lean known as The Unipart Way.

This is a philosophy of working underpinned by tools and techniques that inspires efficiency, flexibility and outstanding customer service in any process.

The Unipart Way is much more than a technique or initiative. It’s a philosophy of working underpinned by a set of integrated tools, each of which can be mastered over time by people at every level of Unipart Security. At the heart of The Unipart Way are business principles that provide the framework for people to understand our values and to advance their personal knowledge, skill and ability as far as their ambitions will take them. The Unipart Way has created a competitive edge through the outstanding capability of our people. But when put inside other organisations through our security teams, The Unipart Way delivers equally impressive results.

You see the advantages of ‘Performance through Engagement’, which is delivered by using The Unipart Way. Not only do you get reduced cost and the elimination of waste, but you also benefit from hundreds of innovative ideas. This is a result of having a security staff that are truly engaged in helping to grow their business by generating ideas and solving problems.

A key factor in the success of The Unipart Way is the total commitment to continuous improvement. This is based on empowering our people to constantly look for inefficiencies in how we service our clients, whilst identifying opportunities for possible improvements, and then making them happen. At sites where Unipart Security is managing your manned guarding requirements, for example, it’s quite normal for staff to review the team’s overall performance at least twice a day and discuss issues which may affect performance levels. Efficient solutions are put into place by the very people who will implement them.

You can find out more about The Unipart Way on the Unipart Group website here. Alternatively, to discuss how The Unipart Way can benefit your business, contact our Expert Practices team here.