When an Ordinary Day Turned into an Extraordinary Day…

What started out as an ordinary day, very quickly turned into an extraordinary day for one of our colleagues at our commercial vehicle business, based at Crewe.

On a routine sandwich run, our nominee for this award was faced with a distressing scene. A paramedic was calling for assistance with compressions, as he tended to a gentleman who had collapsed, not breathing, on the pavement outside the main gate. Without hesitation, our nominee began compressions. Learning CPR in the classroom is one thing – holding your nerve and staying calm when it is needed in real life, with a crowd of onlookers – is a different thing altogether. Our nominee kept her composure, continued with the compressions and the man began breathing.

After he had recovered, he was given a Unipart fleece in the belongings handed to him on his discharge from hospital. This being his only clue as to the person who had saved his life, he set about searching for the owner.

The gentleman, lived over 100 miles away, and had to make the journey by train. However, not only did he make the journey twice (the first time he had travelled on a Saturday when the site wasn’t open) – he visited all the businesses along the road, until he came to the Unipart site.

He walked into Reception and asked the lady behind the desk “By any chance does the owner of this fleece work here, and might they be the person that saved my life?” To which the receptionist very happily answered “Yes”.