UTL Makes the Difference

One of UTL’s major media clients was launching a new strategic project, with huge volumes of new stock needing the very latest software loads. The launch involved multiple trials, and the resolution of a myriad of technical issues. With go-live dates shifting and changing, UTL had to deliver ultimate flexibility.

This is where Wayne stepped up and assumed complete responsibility for every single aspect of the project handover into business as usual activity. Throughout the launch Wayne showed total commitment to the customer. He took on the challenge of delivering this programme successfully at a very personal level, constantly focusing on the next priority, chasing and challenging both the client and UTL team members, quickly reacting to every change and issue as it arose. He dropped everything and personally followed any service failure investigation through to a conclusion.

Imagine getting the call from a client on a Friday saying that a software upgrade was needed before distribution of product on a Monday, and taking every step necessary to get every single hard drive due for shipment ready to go. It was this kind of attention to detail and personal commitment that really showed Wayne’s agility, flexibility, understanding of customer needs and a determination to deliver perfect quality that has earned him this well-deserved Mark in Action Award.

Such was his dedication and commitment to the client that at a moment’s notice, over the weekend, he dropped everything and came in to load the very latest software onto the devices so that they were shipped with the most up-to-date upgrades.

Thank you Wayne!