Unipart wins Liberty Global contract

Unipart Logistics, the supply chain arm of Unipart Group, has been named as European Reverse Logistics Partner for Liberty Global’s mobile operations.

Unipart Logistics has provided reverse logistics solutions in the UK since 2010 for Virgin Mobile, which was acquired by Liberty Global in 2013. Unipart will continue to provide reverse logistics services in the UK for Virgin Mobile, and will now support Liberty Global in Ireland, Belgium, Hungary, Switzerland and Austria to ensure delivery of service excellence for Liberty Global’s mobile customers.

Unipart and Liberty Global will deploy a new Unipart system, U-Serve, across Europe to give Liberty Global’s mobile customers the most advanced reverse logistics support platform.

The system provides quick help for customers’ common issues, such as short battery life or connectivity problems. Additionally, there is a diagnostics app which runs a series of tests directly on the device, providing its ‘health’ status and identifying performance issues.

Customers can also get help via direct web chat with a technician. If a fault that requires a repair is identified, customers can book a repair or return service, make a payment, if the fault is out of warranty, and then track the repair journey of their device online in real time.

The system will generate interactive texts and emails to communicate with the customers and seek and analyse the feedback at the end of the journey to ensure proactively the best service for Liberty Global’s customers.

Steve Rounsley, VP Global Logistics, Liberty Global said: “Liberty Global was looking for a partner that could support our growth ambitions through innovative solutions. The chosen company needed to be as focused on the end customer experience as we are, through simplicity of execution and choice. Unipart’s solutions were exactly what we were looking for, and we trust them to deliver for us”.

Claire Walters, Chief Commercial Officer Unipart Logistics commented: “We are delighted to be awarded this European reverse logistics contract by Liberty Global, and looking forward to launching our digital U-Serve system and innovative new solutions. We will build on our long term partnership with Virgin and Liberty Global to drive seamless and consistent service across Europe.”