Unipart launches new SAP consultancy and implementation service steeped in supply chain experience

Unipart Signite logoOctober 2023Unipart has launched Unipart Signite, a new SAP consultancy and implementation service combining supply chain expertise with 20 years of building and running SAP systems for some of the largest organisations.

In a climate of spiralling costs, staff shortages and growing demand for supply chain resilience, the need to optimise operational processes, drive efficiency, and to move faster is paramount for businesses of all sizes.

Unipart Signite combines Unipart’s heritage of operational excellence in the supply chain with state-of-the-art technology, including S/4HANA, SAP Signavio, and SAP Analytics Cloud, and can unlock SAP’s full potential for organisations who need to simplify systems, standards processes and data, and implement automation.

“Many companies are using SAP to manage their supply chains, but few truly unlock the full potential of SAP to deliver optimum efficiency. Unipart has decades of supply chain experience, as well as building and running SAP solutions for our customers,” said Yiannis Levantis, Unipart Signite Managing Director.

“The challenges faced by businesses across the Automotive, Aerospace, Defence, Healthcare, Rail, Retail, Technology, Utilities, and Construction sectors are not unique, and Unipart’s experience operating warehouses and supply chain operations coupled with our SAP systems integrator expertise will deliver immediate benefits and create sustainable, long-term success.”

Darren Leigh, Unipart Chief Executive Officer, said: “Unipart is a certified Silver Partner of SAP and has been applying SAP technology in our own supply chain for decades driving us to meet the real and perceived needs of our customers better than anyone else and serve them better than anyone else. Unipart Signite brings our capability to an ever-growing customer portfolio enabling them to unlock the full range of benefits from SAP.”

Unipart is a certified Silver Partner of SAP. For more information about Unipart Signite please visit signite.unipart.com.