Unipart Gives A New Look to Its Famous Yes Campaign

Unipart Group, one of Europe’s leading manufacturing, logistics and consultancy providers,  is launching a new advertising campaign that revitalises its famous ‘Yes’ campaigns of the 1980s.

When Unipart launched its now famous “The Answer is Yes, Now What’s the Question?” campaigns, they had a strong impact on both the company and the industry.

Today, Unipart is no longer in the autoparts branch distribution business* but the ‘Yes’ message is still the same.

The new campaign, which will start in The Sunday Times and will run over the next two weeks in The Times, the Daily Telegraph, the Guardian, the Financial Times, the Independent and the Daily Mail, picks up the ‘Yes’ theme and demonstrates how Unipart has changed since the ads first appeared.

According to Unipart Chairman and Group Chief Executive John Neill, the new campaign – which was developed by M&C Saatchi — builds on the successful  ‘End of Consultancy’ ads that Unipart ran last year.

“Last year we launched a major advertising campaign for the Unipart Group, our first for several years,” said John Neill.

“The purpose of that campaign was to tell potential customers how The Unipart Way – our proprietary business improvement system — helps us work better and how they could benefit as a result.  In an ad with the headline ‘The End of Consultancy’ we described how our consultants in Unipart Expert Practices use The Unipart Way to ensure that the changes they put in place for their clients are sustained.

“The results of this campaign were most encouraging as it attracted a lot of interest and helped us secure several new assignments.

“This year we are running another new advertising campaign.  The thinking behind this year’s message is based on market research that tells us that many people spontaneously think of Unipart as a distributor of car parts in the UK, rather than as the widely diversified global company that we have become today.

“This new ad builds on one of our successful advertising campaigns from the past, one that people still remember: “The answer is Yes – now what’s the question?” and updates it to talk about the wide range of services we offer today.  It draws examples from across all areas of our operations to help people begin to see that today our activities span Manufacturing, Logistics and Consultancy, both in the UK and around the world.”

(*Unipart sold its auto parts business, Unipart Automotive, in 2011.)