Unipart featured in new report on future of UK business

A new report called UK Business: What’s Wrong? What’s Next? has been launched featuring a video interview with Unipart Group Chairman and Chief Executive John Neill.

The report comes from Tomorrow’s Company, a not-for-profit think-tank with a twist. Tomorrow’s Company advocates an alternative business approach by combining independent thought leadership with powerful engagement across business, finance and government.

The organisation was founded when The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) initiated a business-led inquiry in 1993 into ‘the role of business in a changing world’. Unipart contributed significantly to that report, and was featured strongly. Our company philosophy and practices helped to shape many of the ideas which continue to have a considerable influence on UK business.

In new report, Tomorrow’s Company argues that putting shareholders first does not serve shareholders or society.

The report presents a long-term growth agenda for business, investment and policymakers. It provides evidence that an approach that focuses on purpose, values, relationships and the ‘long-term’ creates value for shareholders and society.

Commenting on the report, John Neill said: “Being involved with Tomorrow’s Company has been great for Unipart. We’ve been able to exemplify some of the ideas of Tomorrow’s Company in our own organisation and for the benefit of other organisations. I remain convinced that a focus on purpose, values, relationships and the long term is a superior business model.”

“The number one strategic challenge facing business and the UK is growth. We need to grow the economy and to do so; we need to have enterprises and businesses that create growth opportunities both domestically and globally.

“This means we have to be competitive and innovative, both of which derive from improved productivity. As the report shows, our current track record is not good. It has to change to avoid leaving a dreadful legacy to our children and grandchildren.

“I therefore highly recommend that business leaders read and consider the recommendations of the report and the Tomorrow’s Company approach. I am convinced it is a superior business model that can help solve many of the problems facing our country today.”

You can watch the Tomorrow’s Company interview with John Neill here: http://tomorrowscompany.com/video/tomorrows-company-interviewing-john-neill-ceo-unipart/ .

You can also download the report at http://tomorrowscompany.com/publication/uk-business-whats-wrong-whats-next/.