Vodafone partnership extended

February 2024 – Unipart has signed a three-year contract extension with Vodafone, taking the long-term partnership between Unipart and Vodafone to 27 years.

Unipart provides Vodafone with logistics and distribution services for its mobile devices and accessories range, serving 18 million customers and 410 retail stores across the UK.

Collaborating effectively with Unipart’s carrier partners to optimise its logistics operations, Unipart’s strategic coordination assures prompt and efficient delivery, meeting the diverse needs of Vodafone’s clientele while maintaining high service standards. 

Unipart’s proven track record demonstrates its consistent and reliable shipment of over 20 million items annually, which includes delivering approximately 200,000 orders of mobile accessories, mobile devices and home broadband products per month. 

Simon Leggott (as pictured below), Unipart Logistics Vodafone Customer Engagement Director, said: 

“I’m really proud to have been part of the team that has delivered this latest extension to the long-standing partnership between Vodafone and Unipart. It is a testament to the whole team employed on the contract that this extension will take our partnership to 27 years. The service Unipart delivers for Vodafone’s customers is central to the award of this extension, and Vodafone recently commented that Unipart’s Customer Service is currently better than ever. 

“Unipart’s supply chain solutions and performance improvement technologies, combined with innovation and the company’s proprietary system for continuous improvement, The Unipart Way, has enabled Unipart to continuously drive and deliver Vodafone’s ambitious targets.

“Unipart remains dedicated to driving continued success for Vodafone as it embarks on the next phase of this long-term partnership. I look forward to seeing what we can collectively achieve over the next three years”.

Gareth Williams, Vodafone Head of Logistics, said:

“We are very pleased to be working with Unipart for another three years. We especially look forward to celebrating the quarter of a century working together as a team next year”.

Jonathan Leonard (as pictured), Vodafone Logistics Manager, said: 

“It’s a pleasure to work with a loyal and trusted partner like Unipart. The Unipart team continually delivers a great customer experience to Vodafone customers”.