Unipart and Parent Zone partner

Unipart Group has expanded their award-winning employee wellbeing programme by partnering up with Parent Zone, who are specialists in Digital Parenting, to offer all Unipart employees free help and advice about parenting in the digital age.

The leading manufacturing, logistics and consultancy company already provides a comprehensive wellbeing programme for its employees giving free health checks and employee assistance 24/7. This has resulted in a reduction of absence levels to the equivalent of having an extra 16.5 people in the business and has made an estimated saving of £330,000.

Unipart has now added a new initiative to this wellbeing programme after identifying that internet access can be hard for parents to control. This can cause stress at home which may lead to stress in the workplace.

Unipart approached Parent Zone to help and now all Unipart employees have access to Parent Zone’s helpful Digital Parenting resources and access to a four-part video module on parenting in the digital age.

Deborah Astles, HR Director, Corporate Responsibility & Policy at Unipart explains: “Digital is impacting every aspect of our lives and for parents this can create new pressures. It can be difficult to keep on top of the risks associated with the online world, so we wanted to make things easier for our colleagues. Parent Zone has provided us with excellent resources and given us a one stop shop for what every person who looks after young people needs to know.”

Vicki Shotbolt, CEO Parent Zone said: “Working parents are incredibly busy so finding time to attend sessions at schools about online safety can be really tough. Sometimes it just isn’t possible which is why partnering with Unipart is so important. It means we can offer support and information to parents at work and make sure they have great information about the digital world their children are growing up in.”

Parent Zone has also provided all Unipart employees with access to a confidential phone and email specialist support service, so they can speak directly to someone if they have any concerns or need any advice.

This partnership comes after Unipart Group recently received the Fujitsu Award for Responsible Business in the Digital Age Award at the Responsible Business Awards. To find out more about the Unipart Group Work Well programme visit: https://www.unipart.com/unipart-and-parent-zone-partner-to-help-employees-with-parenting-in-the-digital-age/