Ketki’s route into supply chain role

June 2024Ketki Deshpande recently started a new role as a Supply Chain Analyst at Unipart Logistics, after completing a project with the Advanced Supply Chain Institute as an Oxford Brookes student.

The Institute is a cutting edge, multi-purpose learning space in Unipart’s headquarters in Oxford. Since opening in November 2021, it’s been a collaboration space for research and development, and learning and ideation, which has engaged new levels of thinking to re-imagine supply chains through the power of digital technology.

One of the Institute’s key aims is to ‘educate colleagues and customers through partnerships with educational institutions.’ As part of this aim the Institute has worked with local educational institutions to bring in fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and new talent, so far collaborating with Oxford Brookes University, Abingdon & Witney College, and Coventry University.

Christine Weaver, Unipart Head of Digital Innovation, explained:The students that have been with us so far have just completed their projects. The output of which has given us some fresh ideas to take forward.

“Ketki conducted an exceptionally comprehensive research study, unveiling ideas that were entirely new to our team. We eagerly anticipate exploring the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. This is the start of what I believe will be many more beneficial collaborations, and has opened the doors to a new pipeline of talent entering the business.”

Ketki explained how this exciting opportunity came about: “This opportunity was presented to me by one of my University course heads during our induction programme.

“The objectives set for the project included studying the current supply chain services provided by Unipart Logistics to their current automotive contracts, understanding the factors responsible for carbon emissions from automotive supply chains, and recommending transformations that will help achieve sustainable operations.”

Ketki explained some of the many ways the Institute has vastly developed her skills: “The project helped me to develop my ability to conduct in-depth academic research and report writing, enhance stakeholder engagement expertise, and improve my communication and networking skills.

“The entire process was a great experience. The success of this project will truly reflect upon my career journey and will definitely help me achieve my long-term goals. I owe my reflection and professional development completely to my supervisor and my manager from Unipart. Their unwavering support has made this endeavour a success.”

The success of Ketki’s project is demonstrative of the Institute and the broader Group’s capability to educate colleagues and customers at every opportunity. The Institute will continue to champion new talent and innovate ideas going forward to ensure continued success.

Please contact Advanced Supply Chain Institute Manager Paul Roberts, at, if you would like to connect with the Institute to discover more about how digital technology can shape the future of supply chains.