Products and services for the
Construction sector

Supply Chain Management

This future model will require the breaking down of silos and the establishment of an integrated end to end supply chain – if improved productivity and the greater visibility of working capital are to be achieved.


Using the expertise gained from the Unipart Manufacturing Group, we have consultancy capabilities which has developed over the last 20 years from within our own operational businesses.

We have developed our manufacturing best practice and successfully applied this into multiple sectors including heavy industry, aerospace, utilities and construction to name but a few.

Inventory Modelling

Our established skills in forecasting and demand planning have rapidly grown from the foundations of our automotive heritage to reach across additional sectors, including rail and technology.

Not only do we have a proven track record of constantly reducing inventory while cultivating availability to customers, but we also manage high levels of product changes through the aftermarket supply chain to deliver the customer service and availability from the start.

Engineer Support Services

Through UTL, Unipart can provide a forward and reverse logistic solutions to field engineers around the UK. With an extensive network of field sites and lockbox locations Unipart offer secure and protected environments for stock transfer, as well as a full audit train through an integrated Red Prairie system.

Unipart can also manage vehicle fleets; the procurement, distribution, kitting out, servicing, maintenance and disposal of vehicles, product lines and equipment through award-winning recycling solutions.