Quick reactions save lives

Our winning team from NHS Supply Chain Bridgwater received an urgent request for a special pick on a Friday evening requiring items for the Renal Department of Jersey General Hospital. These were desperately needed for delivery the next day and given the location, presented a significant logistical challenge.

The team acted extremely quickly, putting in extra hours to make sure everything was dealt with and there was a huge focus on quick and direct communication between the Bridgwater team and the customer.

A courier was arranged and the goods were transported safely into the customers hands later that day ahead of the time requested via a plane journey.

What came to light afterwards was that this product was needed to support 13 patients in the critical care department. If the product had not arrived on time, all 13 patients would have had to have been airlifted to a London hospital, with 3 of the patients potentially not surviving the journey.

Whilst many special orders are dealt with across the NHS Supply Chain network each day this one presented unusual logistical and timing challenges. Our winners were recognised for the focus, dedication and urgency shown in this particular case.