Popping up a “Pop-Up” Shop

When there is a “weather event” in Denver, there really is a “weather event”. The snow storm was so severe that everything had come to a halt..literally! The problem was that one of Unipart’s clients had an entire Pop-Up Shop stuck in Denver with nothing to show to customers the next day..

On Friday 27th March the team at Unipart Logistics, Atlanta were advised that the Pop-Up Store en route from Chicago to Seattle was being held up due to a snow storm in Denver. It was unlikely to reach Seattle in time for the Friday set up. The merchandise in transit included rails, mobile changing rooms and stock. Our client’s team had travelled to Seattle to oversee the event over the weekend. The shipment of clothes, changing rooms and clothes racks did not show up. The store was set to open in 12 hours, with nothing to sell!

Our client asked Unipart Logistics if they could help. Of course they could!

The order came through at 4:10 PM. The team had a plan. The plan was to drop a whole new stock replenishment/order, pick, de-bag, hang, tag with the right prices, pack and dispatch via Priority First Overnight to arrive by 9:30 AM on the Saturday morning.

The team stayed late into the evening and refused to stop until the entire order was picked, packed and dispatched. The entire order arrived at the Pop Up Shop in Seattle by 09:30am on Saturday morning in Seattle. This was an amazing team effort, and truly exceeded the expectations of all involved!