Mark In Action Winners Make the News!

A team from Unipart Logistics – Sky recently received a Mark in Action Award for their hard work planning and delivering the launch of Sky’s new mobile proposition. They went above and beyond to help make this launch a big success. In addition to receiving the award, presenters from Sky Sports News recorded a special message for the team, which you can watch here.
Sky was about to launch Sky Mobile. This was our opportunity to accept a significant challenge, one that many other suppliers would not have accepted. The team was chosen for their operational skills, however none of them had ever worked on a high pressured project with such exacting criteria and deadlines.
The award winners set up an entire mobile operation from scratch. They established and tested new systems and procedures, wrote new Standard Operation Procedures, engaged with all the key stakeholders and all the way through demonstrated exemplary communication with our client.
The whole team went way “above and beyond” their normal roles to deliver this launch. They demonstrated an incredible level of commitment to the customer, displaying the utmost flexibility, even staying until 11pm one cold Friday evening for a late delivery.
This team truly demonstrated what a deep understanding of customer needs looked like, and the ability to go “above and beyond” to deliver a great result for the customer.