Manufacturing Brilliance…Time and Time Again

When one of Unipart Manufacturing’s customers encountered a problem at their site, that had the potential to delay the build on a new pilot vehicle, there was no hesitation from one of our Quality Technicians.

Using his own initiative, and realising the importance to the customer of resolving this issue, he collected the necessary documentation and immediately drove to the customer site, doing a 4 hour round trip and not leaving the site until he was completely sure that the product was reaching 100% compliance.

The customer expected a good response from Unipart Manufacturing but didn’t expect such a swift and agile response from this individual. He showed initiative, personal ownership of the problem and an immediate care for the customer issue. Whilst on site he demonstrated a level of professionalism that once again, exceeded the customer’s expectations.

The customer commented that if all suppliers were as professional, responsive and thorough in their explanations and communication –life would be so much easier!