How Unipart is Reducing Lead Times and Improving Quality in Enterprise Repair Models

Our background in innovation and experience in reverse logistics means we produce tailored solutions that enable our customers to repair products better and deliver them faster—reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction.

Our tailored repair solutions means we design, implement, and manage your repair model according to your specific requirements.

With market leading turnaround times, we deliver repaired products at a speed that delights your consumers. By restoring confidence in the quality of your repairs, we free you from the need to carry excessive stock.

Here are a number of examples as to how this approach has been applied for our customers.

Improving repair models to reduce repair time

By introducing an industry first hub and spoke repair model in the centre of London, we reduced repair time down to one hour for a global technology company.

Finding new ways to repair damaged products

Harnessing our years of experience in repair, we took technology products that were previously being recycled and repaired them back to an ‘as new’ state returning 90% to refurbished stock.

Reducing costs by finding new ways to repair

Working with a Utilities customer we found a way of repairing product that had never been considered safe or viable to repair. We developed and manufactured an innovative quality testing product that simulates domestic use within a safe and controlled environment, thus giving the customer the confidence to re-use repaired product for the first time. This award winning initiative saved the customer millions of pounds and improved customer satisfaction.

Improving the quality and speed of repairs, the Unipart way

At Unipart Logistics we recognise that efficient repair models share two key factors: speed and quality. Drawing from our experience in the fields of innovation, technology, and reverse logistics, we design tailored repair solutions to meet the unique requirements of each customer.

Is reducing lead times a key priority for your business? Are the quality of your repairs negatively impacting the way your company is perceived by your customers? See how Unipart Logistics could help you to rethink repair.