How the Unipart Way is Enabling Enterprises to Rethink Returns Management

Our returns management solutions work in partnership with our customers to reshape their reverse supply chains, continuously focusing on reducing returns and repairs by providing rapid feedback and actions upstream.

Harnessing years of experience in the repair and recycling of assets, we are experts in the dynamic disposition of returned assets to maximise the value returned to our customers based on asset condition, customer demand, market price, and the cost to refurbish or repair.

We use insights from returned assets to improve upstream activity such as production and packaging to improve upfront compliance and maximise the life of their assets.

Here are a number of examples of how this approach has already impacted existing customers.

1. We reduced one company’s return rate by 62%

By running diagnostics on returned assets, we identified the root cause of issues relating to their return and fed these insights upstream, leading to a 62% reduction in the company’s return rate.

2. We increased one customer’s processing speed by 31%

Using automated decision modelling and rapid diagnostics, we identified the leanest, most efficient way to get one company’s returned product back on the shelf, increasing their returns processing speed by 31%.

3. We improved one company’s net recovery yield to 65%

By selling returned stock on behalf of a telecoms customer we improved their net recovery yield from 50% to 65%, and delivered £2m of incremental revenue over three years.

4. We repaired 92% of stock previously being recycled

Repairing products for a technology customer that were previously being recycled enabled us to return 92% to refurbished stock.

5. We enabled credits on over 6% of returns as ‘Dead on Arrival’

Through introducing intelligent diagnostics for a telecoms customer, we enabled manufacturer credits on over 6% of returns as ‘Dead on Arrival’.

6. We repaired 73% of stock previously deemed unrepairable

In one instance, we received a batch of mobile devices previously deemed BER (beyond economical repair) by the customer and identified 73% of them to be repairable under the manufacturer’s guidelines, using the exact same screening process as the customer.

Rethinking reverse, the Unipart Way

Supply chain technology is more sophisticated than ever before, but it isn’t the only answer. Without clearly defined objectives, specialists in data analytics, and an understanding of how to get the full value from the technology, enterprises run the risk of investing heavily in systems and processes without getting the full value back from them.

Unipart Logistics (UL) offer invaluable insights for enterprises looking to better understand returns, and how their processes can better serve their customers.

Are poor reverse logistics limiting your enterprise’s profitable growth? Are you using advanced diagnostics to effectively reduce returns and repairs? See how the Unipart Way could enable you to rethink your returns management.