White Paper: The EV Battery Aftermarket

As the world embraces the move towards electrification, OEMs are under pressure to keep up with demand. A highly responsive, sustainable, safe and cost effective supply chain solution for these large, complex batteries is critical for reputation and success.

In this whitepaper available to download here, our EV experts explore the trends, their effects and the challenges across the entire EV battery supply chain and provide insight into how new battery storage solutions and care packages will be required to support the sector.

In 2022 Unipart Logistics launched an enhanced range of EV battery solutions to support the automotive industry’s rapidly growing production challenges and critical supply chain demands.

Building on over ten years’ of EV battery storage and transportation services for customers around the globe, this enhanced supply chain proposition offers the full range of safe, compliant and sustainable services needed to supply, maintain and support the full spectrum of EV battery lifecycle requirements including;

  • a tiered Advanced Battery Care solution which provides bespoke charging, monitoring and conditioning requirements for customers requiring increasingly complex EV battery services
  • services to charge EV batteries in dedicated charging containers whilst in long-term storage including variable environment parameters according to customer demand
  • solutions supporting a wide range of battery types and modules in the automotive industry including, battery-powered electric vehicle (BEV), hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) as well as solar and other high-voltage systems
  • bespoke OEM solutions and collaboration with OEM battery engineering teams
  • specialist global governance, compliance and regulatory support including the latest IATA air freight, ADR road freight and IMDG sea freight regulations

Find out more about the Unipart’s EV battery supply chain services via the website or click here to talk to our electrification specialist about your EV supply chain requirements.