Children add their thanks to NHS Supply Chain drivers


After one young artist had his picture thanking NHS Supply Chain Drivers posted on social media, other ‘thank you’ drawings began to arrive.

Young people and their families recognised the contribution from the men and women who are working to meet the immense demand from NHS Trusts for products and supplies urgently needed to care for patients.

NHS Supply Chain has delivered more products to more places and recruited more people than could have ever been expected. Over 32 million units were shipped in March alone, which was more than 20% higher than forecast.

Our teams have also delivered products to more than 50,000 locations other than NHS hospitals, including GP surgeries, pharmacies and adult care facilities.

When the kids see the big white vans with the blue and white logo heading down the road, they know that drivers are delivering vital supplies to where they are needed most.

We’re proud of all our colleagues on the logistics front line of NHS Supply Chain and we’re adding our thanks to the youngsters who are drawing pictures and staying safe to protect the NHS.