Are You Overspending on Your Field Engineer Network?

By optimising stockholding across field engineer networks, enterprises can ensure their engineers always have optimum inventory levels to routinely meet service requirements—and no more.

In coming years, the most successful field engineer networks are going to be those that deliver service, efficiency and management of their vehicles—without overspending.

Many businesses hold excessive inventory on their vehicles in order to satisfy the unexpected requirement of jobs. Once the inventory is on a vehicle, businesses often have limited control of its movement or usage.

By removing non-value add activities (such as re-ordering) and reducing time spent travelling to a collection location, our Smart Van solution makes life as simple as possible for the engineer, while reducing unnecessary costs and overheads.

Smart Van Solutions

Inventory management and reordering

We provide daily fulfilment to engineers based on job requirements and product usage using automated replenishment as stock is consumed from the vehicle.

This inventory management and reordering process ensures that engineers carry the parts and equipment needed to resolve a service issue in a single visit, and enables the analysis of stock usage profiles by region or engineer.

Transforming vehicles into mini warehouses

Smart Van treats each vehicle as a mini warehouse.

The engineer (or team manager) can view the stock level on any vehicle real time. If an unplanned or urgent job comes up, they can look at who in their area has the stock available. This increases the rate of first-time fixes and removes the need for a return visit with the necessary parts.

Smart Sphere

Each van has a Smart Sphere in which sensors are set up. Any parts that are pulled out of the Smart Sphere are assigned to a job number and location (such as a customer’s house).

This job allocation gives visibility to the last stage of the supply chain journey without having to manually enter data.

Improved security and safety

Smart van technology will assist you in locating a vehicle should one be stolen, improving stock security. Reduced likelihood of theft or damage saves on repair costs or insurance claims, and ensures your network has the best chance of operating at full capacity—so engineers can be there when the customer needs them.

Tool alert system

A tool alert system stops equipment being mistakenly left behind after a job by informing engineers if they have forgotten to put items back in the van before they drive off. Return visits to collect forgotten equipment and lost equipment become a thing of the past, improving the availability of individual engineers.

Smart pay

Additionally, by enabling smart pay across your network, any engineer is able to complete transactions at a customer location, without the need to handle cash or use a call centre. They are able to offer the customer an enhanced, often higher-value product, with direct benefits to customer satisfaction and revenue.

Are your engineers holding excessive inventory on their vehicles just in case? Is the high cost of this affecting your bottom-line? A more intelligent supply chain could be the solution.