Into the Unknown

“Going into the unknown is how you expand the known” This was certainly the case for 4 young engineers at Kautex Unipart Ltd. KUL, with their expertise in new generation fuel technologies, was invited to support the launch of a leading car manufacturer’s exciting new model.

The team was tasked with investigating, scoping and installing highly specialised blow molding machinery into the factory, integrating it into current processes, as well as making sure all four shifts across the factory were able to use it.

The problem was that no-one in the UK had done this before. The technology and kit was so advanced that they had to look overseas for help. They really were working in unknown territory. However, this didn’t stop this team of Process Engineers and Team Leaders…

They found experts in Germany and quickly got up to speed with the new technology and machinery. They turned this knowledge around and applied it with amazing dexterity to the reality of the shop floor back in Coventry. And they didn’t stop there; knowing how critical this was to their customer, the team took it upon themselves to coach their colleagues – not just on their shift but across all four shifts, making sure there was always someone in the plant who could answer questions and resolve any issues. Without the professionalism, commitment to the customer and enthusiasm of these four individuals, the kit would not have been implemented to such a high standard in the remarkable time frame that it was.

Ken Evans, General Manager for Kautex Unipart Ltd commented “many times, the team has gone ‘above and beyond’ what is expected of them, and all their peers have commented on how impressed they have been with the commitment to get the job done to the highest possible standard. I am supremely proud of this team, and am delighted they have received this highly deserved award.”