IM team hit 100% service level

In 2020, our NHS Supply Chain Inventory Management team from Alfreton and Normanton introduced an internal target for the department to achieve 100% First Hit Service Level to their customer.

To accomplish this they developed a 7 steps methodology and set about trying to achieve this ambitious target. After overcoming the post Covid global supply chain disruption, there was a sustained period of gradual improvement in performance levels achieved by reviewing internal methodologies and reporting and utilising the Unipart Way tools. 

In early 2023, this Inventory Team achieved 100% service for the day! This consisted of 23,116 individual requisitions (order lines) being supplied at 100%. This was the first time this had been achieved in the 35 year history of the NHS Supply Chain.

The team received their Mark in Action award for challenging themselves and achieving what seemed to be impossible. The nominees went above and beyond each day, striving to ensure the customers’ expectations are met and not accepting less than exceptional service from their suppliers and themselves.