How Passion, Commitment and Enthusiasm, Together with the Unipart Way, Changed One NHS Ward!

When one of our Unipart Expert Practices consultants was asked to help University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire deliver real improvements in the patient experience and quality of care – he not only stepped up to the challenge, but delivered true customer satisfaction with passion, commitment and enthusiasm, helping to make a real difference to the way they worked.

This award winner really went the extra mile to understand what the customer needed, and took on one of the most challenging aspects of any change – that of changing culture. Our consultant offered a personal commitment to “be in it for the long haul” and used his experience of Unipart and the tools of the Unipart Way to deliver real and significant improvements. In the customer’s own words – he “revolutionised the way we work” – no mean feat in an organisation under significant pressure to deliver ‘more with less’.

Not only did he do the job he was given, he actively worked with the clinical staff to help them understand how to solve problems at their own level. He worked tirelessly to understand the language, targets and the challenges that the clinical staff faced on a day-to-day basis.

He took the time to listen to the individuals, and showed them ways of using the tools to achieve what they needed to achieve. It is one thing to teach and show, but it is another to take the time to coach. The results were no less impressive – with 5,000 bed days saved and a return on investment of 5:1 – for the team, the ward and the patients!

In the words of the nominator “(Our award winner) was a real ambassador for Unipart, who showed commitment, passion, enthusiasm and a real understanding of our needs…(who) went beyond the call of duty with engagement activity to ensure understanding and commitment (of the staff) to the project.”.