Going the Extra Mile… to Croatia!

Unipart Expert Practices (UEP) needed a translator to support a transformation project in Croatia. Without hesitation, our team member put his hand up and volunteered to take on the task. This project was a world apart from his normal day to day job managing a small team of distribution centre operators in a food retail warehouse…

The first thing that our colleague did, both in work time and his own time, was to translate a wide range of standard Unipart documentation as well as over 60 Powerpoint training slides into Croatian. No mean feat by anyone’s standards.

Even though the initial plan was for our colleague to attend training courses purely to translate, it soon became clear that he was keen to do more. He soon began to help deliver workshops, adding his own examples and experience to add credibility to the courses. He engaged with local client directors, managers and staff and supported the successful delivery of the Unipart Way tools on site.
His enthusiasm and determination to deliver change in line with Unipart Way principles was impressive. His persistence in engaging staff and driving culture change was exemplary and he provided the client with an excellent impression of what UEP project delivery looks and feels like. His commitment, professionalism, ability to enthuse the client and the great rapport that he developed with his new colleagues was outstanding.

This is a great example and role model for others who have that in-depth knowledge of the Unipart Way and who use their enthusiasm and experience to motivate others. Our team colleague demonstrated an exceptional step change in roles from leading a small team in the day to day operation of picking and packing, to running workshops to over 20 people of varying seniority in a client operation. This is a real example of someone “stepping out of their comfort zone” and proving his agility in picking up new skills, his flexibility in adapting to new environments and roles and his commitment to delivering the very best to the client.

He even offered to go to Serbia and help deliver a workshop in Belgrade, which again is just another example of his willingness to “go that extra mile”.