Gender Pay Reporting

Gender Pay Report – year to April 2023

Foreword by our Chief Executive

It is seven years since the UK government introduced mandatory gender pay reporting. A great deal has changed over that period, across the UK as a whole and in our company. In my first full year as Chief Executive in 2023, I can tell you what hasn’t changed, and that is Unipart’s recognition that a diverse, healthy, engaged and inclusive workforce is essential to our long-term sustainable growth.

As a supply chain solutions and performance improvement technologies partner, we operate in a diverse range of sectors and we are well aware of the wide variety of industry challenges when it comes to equality, diversity and inclusion. At Unipart we see a challenge as an opportunity and through The Unipart Way we are always seeking to continuously improve at every level of the company. The Unipart Way is the beating heart of our culture, demonstrated in the way we think, the way we work and the way we behave.

At Unipart we believe everyone who comes to work for us can enjoy a fantastic career with us, using The Unipart Way to learn and develop and deliver our customer promise: to meet the real and perceived needs of our customers better than anyone else, and serve them better than anyone else. We call our development program ‘Gate to Great’, and wherever I go in the business I meet incredible people who demonstrate The Unipart Way in the way they think, work and behave, living the company values.

While our gender pay gap compares well to the Office of National Statistics average across our sectors, it is still a gap we are working to close. We are working with our people, our customers and stakeholders throughout the value chain to understand how we can achieve equality and continue driving the success that brought us 3,000 new people and over a billion pound revenue in 2023. 

That is The Unipart Way.

Read the full 2023 Gender Pay Report below. 


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