Unipart’s employee engagement system maintains the unique culture of The Unipart Way

Unipart’s annual employee engagement survey was completed by 86% of the workforce in 2020, all in a Covid-Secure way.

In all divisions, employees are more satisfied with their jobs, and with working for Unipart, than in previous years. More than double the percentage of Unipart employees are actively engaged than in a typical UK organisation.

Unipart’s employee engagement system maintains the unique culture of The Unipart Way. 

Unipart Group Chairman and Chief Executive John Neill says: “The Unipart Way is a culture that inspires and enables employees to go the extra mile, actively seeking opportunities for continuous improvement in all that they do, for the benefit of themselves, the organisation and our customers.

“We would not be able to bring our Unipart philosophy to life every day for our customers, without having teams that are engaged at every level, from management to the shop floor.

“This is because we know that the more engaged and valued you feel, the more positive, productive and innovative you will be – and when you feel like that you will enjoy working and will deliver more for your customers and for Unipart. This is a true win-win situation.”

Unipart’s Digital Communication Cells fosters the culture of engagement by empowering employees at every level of the organisation to contribute to the success of the company.

Digital Communication Cells give employees the tools not only to deliver the best levels of service to customers, but in addition to actively be part of improving that service. They enable teams to work together across geographies, sharing best practice and making everyone’s personal growth part of the organisation’s growth.