Teaching skills. Building capabilities. Enabling mind-sets.

In the Unipart ASCI Academy we TEACH business leaders the skills, BUILD the capabilities and confidence and ENABLE the mind-sets needed by individuals and teams to deliver and sustain performance benefits inside organisations; from the board-room to the shop floor.

To be successful in today’s world, businesses and individuals must be able learn, react and adapt to meet evolving market and customer demands.

Businesses set up to succeed are supported by a culture of continuous improvement and an ability to make improvements from within.

The Unipart ASCI Academy combines nearly 40 years’ of learning, skills development, continuous improvement and operational excellence applied inside our own business, our customers’ business and organisations globally to create a unique learning centre.

Led by Unipart Consultancy practitioners with over 100 years’ combined experience, our Academy offers a blend of learning and development activities including in-person and remote courses and tool kits combining class-room, work-shop, digital platforms and go-see experiences for teams and individuals.

The Unipart ASCI Academy equips individuals and businesses with skills required to manage and lead, to solve problems and improve, to transform and sustain performance benefits in their own organisations

The Advanced Supply Chain Institute (ASCI)
The ASCI is a multi-purpose learning and collaboration space in Unipart House, our Oxford headquarters, where tomorrow’s supply chains are reimagined, enhanced and transformed.

A demonstration and showcase of existing and evolving Industry 4.0 technologies applied to various supply chain contexts;

The Unipart ASCI Academy combines this real-world approach to research, development, innovation and evaluation and with nearly 40 years’ of learning, skills development, continuous improvement and operational excellence applied inside our own business, our customers’ business and organisations globally to create a unique learning centre.

Learning & Development
The Unipart ASCI Academy learning suite is focussed on the fundamentals of Operational Excellence, Team Working and Leadership.

We equip leaders with the skills, behaviour and experience to understand and evaluate real scenarios, deal with scenarios applicable to their own organisations and develop assisted best practice solutions that sustain benefits.

Our teaching programmes combine a blend of learning and development activities for teams and individuals including:

  • In-person and remote courses
  • Tool kits, templates and support materials
  • Class-room and workshop learning
  • Expert coaching and follow up support
  • Digital programmes
  • Go-see experiences
  • Scenario simulations

Why Enrol?
Our blended learning approach to Teaching skills – Building capabilities – Enabling mind-sets supports individuals to add value, apply best practice and optimise performance through:

  • Consistent identification and removal of process waste
  • Application of a CI tool kit
  • Enhanced communication processes
  • Greater Employee Engagement
  • Improved Leadership skills
  • Improved operating cost & improved productivity

Who Should Enrol?
If you are responsible for or involved with process, communication, service, quality, customer experience or a leader responsible for driving change into your organisation, or integrating functions and working collaboratively to achieve business improvement; the Unipart ASCI Academy is for you.

Unipart Group has a long history in developing Operational Excellence, both internally and to a wide range of external clients. We have a team of coaches that bring this knowledge to our ASCI Academy courses, combining experience of training the components of Operational Excellence, with the successful delivery into live environments.

Jackie McAllister
I’m an experienced trainer with over 25 years’ supporting organisations and individuals to sustain operational excellence and continuous improvement benefits.

I enjoy working with people at all levels of an organisation, in particular coaching and using real-life examples to help unlock performance improvements.

Glenn Gooding
I’ve trained and mentored individuals at every level, from the boardroom through to the shop floor.

As a Six Sigma Master Black Belt, I’ve also designed and delivered advanced training courses and am passionate about supporting people and businesses to measure, analyse, improve and control their critical processes to drive customer experience, productivity and financial success.

Anna Davies
For the last 15 years I have been training customers across all sectors in the Unipart Way and coaching them to design and implement ways of working in order to deliver performance improvements and sustained operational excellence inside their own businesses.

I trained originally as a trainer in the Valeo Production System and am really passionate applying the principles of process efficiency and improvement across all sectors, and all levels of an organisation.

Myles Wilson
I love empowering people and teams to remove waste, create efficiencies and sustain improvements across both the public and private sector!

I’ve designed and delivered accredited lean training across manufacturing, engineering, logistics, retail and healthcare environments to help organisations unlock performance and cost saving potential.

Peter Wing Young
I’m a Chartered Accountant by qualification, but swapped Financial Controller for Process Improver when I moved from finance to Unipart consultancy nearly 16 years ago.

I’ve designed and delivered bespoke operational excellence training for back-office, operations and customer teams, in a variety of organisations including public sector, financial services, energy, NHS Trusts and retail.

Scott Davies
An Engineer by trade, I understand the importance of precision, performance and the application of lean tools and techniques in real-world scenarios.

The last 20 years of my career I have spent teaching, coaching and applying these lean tools, techniques and principles for SME and large corporate public and private sector clients.

Les Emery
I’ve been delivering Lean Leadership and Operational Excellence training for over 20 years, embedding the behavioural changes required to sustain improvements across a wide range of sectors and businesses.

I’m passionate about blended learning approaches and helping teams and individuals build CI tool kits to achieve and sustain performance benefits.