A blooming good idea! Turning plastic into plant pots…

Frank works as a Quality Inspector at our Canley site. Day to day his job is to make sure that quality is 100%. He spotted that there were some quality issues with bumpers. As the scrap rate was within tolerances, these hadn’t caused too much concern, but Frank wasn’t happy with it. He saw that
sending scrap bumpers to landfill was having a negative impact on cost, our customer’s bottom line and the environment.

He decided to do something about it. He could see that quality had to be improved for the customer. With hundreds of bumpers being dispatched every day this was going to be quite some job to take on, but Frank was not daunted. He has only been in the business 10 months, but in that time he left no stone unturned in his quest to reduce scrap. He has looked at better labelling of bumpers and he has worked with the customer so that scrap bumpers now do not go to landfill, but are returned to Plastic Omnium to be recycled into plastic pellets for onward use.

Our customer Plastic Omnium commented: “I would just like to emphasise the good work Frank is doing, and his drive to improve the service we give to our end customer. Frank is very helpful, always willing and not afraid of change or work outside of his remit. He is always approaching
us as his customer with his ideas and thoughts for improving the process and is very passionate about his job.”