60 Minutes and Counting…

One of our clients needed help and our team at Weedon, Northamptonshire were just the people to step up to the challenge.

Our warehouse was contacted at 16:15 on the day before Good Friday, with 4 urgent shop orders that needed to be picked, packed & dispatched same day to ensure delivery into the shops in time for the Easter trading period. The orders were not on the system and normal transport collections had already been arranged and collected.

In the first instance Seb, the Team Leader on the outbound area, and Pras, the Logistics Administrator, started to review the orders to understand quantities to be picked and what the most suitable transport routes would be to get the stock to the shops in the most cost effective manner. Kay, the distribution administrator, supported by making calls to all of the carriers to ensure we could get guaranteed deliveries for the next day, and that the collection vehicles could be on site at 18:00.

By now it was 17:00 with only 60 minutes left until the site went onto full lock down. Seb began to work on the orders. Working swiftly together the orders were picked manually. The team pushed hard and all 4 urgent orders were picked, packed & physically dispatched onto the chosen carrier by 17:45. The team then set about getting the system work completed in less than 15 minutes to ensure that the vehicle was able to leave to meet the Hub sortation times.

The next morning Kay came in early and tracked all 4 orders to ensure they had been delivered to the shops as requested, keeping our client up to date with as close to real time updates as possible. The team did this on top of delivering almost unheard of volumes over the previous 24 hours.

All in all, a great example of agility, teamwork, speed and outstanding customer service. Commenting on this nomination, our client said “The staff at Unipart always provide good service but on this occasion they went the extra mile to ensure that the stock orders were picked and dispatched and then processed all the systems administration to allow the orders to be booked in to the outlets.Excellent work by the team at Unipart to recover the situation.”