UD Enterprise System : designed for agility, built for resilience

Unipart Digital Enterprise System was developed based on Unipart’s extensive experience defining, designing and implementing warehouse management systems for some of the world’s most demanding companies.

When a leading supercar manufacturer approached Unipart to solve a logistics problem, it was clear that no other product could match the flexibility and adaptability that UD Enterprise System could offer in such a fast paced environment.

Compared to volume car manufacturers, supercar production can require far more variation. Every high-performance supercar is customised to an individual car buyer, so the warehouse operation needs to be extremely flexible to ensure the right parts are available at exactly the right time at the production facility.

The supercar manufacturer’s existing system was not optimised for just-in-time delivery of over 180,000 product lines. Much of the operation was still using paper-based systems which yielded low inventory accuracy.

To create a faster, more agile Warehouse Management System it was clear that Enterprise-grade ERP systems weren’t appropriate. They were often too time-consuming to customise, too expensive for implementation in a single site, and too complex to roll out quickly.

However, UD Enterprise System met the requirements perfectly. It’s designed on open source applications with functionality that can be turned on or off. It can be implemented in a matter of weeks and can be customisable to run industrial-scale operations on smaller sites.

UD Enterprise System enables warehouse operators to scan parts at every stage. This data provides new insights – such as the exact time a part was booked into the warehouse – and these can be used to inform decisions at every stage of production.

For the supercar manufacturer, UD Enterprise System delivered specific benefits very quickly. Inventory accuracy jumped to 99.8% and the production facility benefited from just-in-time deliveries enabling smoother, more efficient production.

Moreover UD Enterprise System provided tangible, traceability data, which is imperative when dealing with the high value parts in a supercar.

Proven in the most challenging environment, trusted by the most demanding customers, and transformative in the benefits delivered – that’s UD Enterprise System.