Improving Employee Engagement at UTL’s Rugby site

Acting on feedback from the employee engagement survey, a number of initiatives were put in place at UTL’s Rugby site with the aim of engaging employees. They are as follows:

A ‘Swampy Forum’ was set up to improve environmental management on site including layout and flow of waste areas, local initiatives to reduce power and reduce waste to landfill. A sports and social committee was set up which organised a number of events including ‘Gunge the Manager’ which was very popular and raised £670 for charity.

The employee forum set up a question and answer process where answers to questions raised are displayed on TV screens in the problem solving area. The look and feel of the rest area was improved with redecoration and new furniture.

A recognition scheme was introduced where cash rewards were recognition ‘cheques’ are presented to colleagues by anybody across the business to say ‘Thank You’ or ‘Well Done’ for behaviour or performance that deserves recognition. The cheques themselves don’t have a monetary value, but every quarter they are collated and a small award payable in shopping vouchers is presented to an employee at each site.