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Mark in Action

Mark In Action Awards recognise those individuals and teams who live up to the goal of making the Unipart brand the mark of outstanding personal customer service.

Through Mark In Action, Unipart encourages its employees to provide world class levels of productivity, quality and customer service. The programme prides itself in recognising both large and (what may appear on the surface) small actions, which often go unrecognised in other companies.


2,800 employees awarded with Mark in Action
6th of April is the next Ceremony

Keeping our customers on track...

Unipart Rail supplies and installs a broad range of rail infrastructure products such as signals, cables, overhead line and level crossing parts. One day, one of our engineers was on site and overheard a couple of Network Rail engineers discussing a thorny problem that they had. Scott thought he might just have a solution for them...

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UTL makes the difference...!

One of UTL’s major media clients was launching a new strategic project, with huge volumes of new stock needing the very latest software loads. The launch involved multiple trials, and the resolution of a myriad of technical issues. With go-live dates shifting and changing, UTL had to deliver ultimate flexibility.

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Going the extra mile...to Croatia!

Unipart Expert Practices (UEP) needed a translator to support a transformation project in Croatia. Without hesitation, Srdjan put his hand up and volunteered to take on the task. This project was a world apart from his normal day to day job managing a small team of distribution centre operators in a food retail warehouse...

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A New Chapter for Unipart's TTC...

TTC (Truck & Trailer Components) had a parts catalogue that needed a significant update. Quotes from external print design companies for the design and production were extremely high. One of our TTC team stepped up to the plate and said he could do it, even though he had never done anything like this before and meant him having to learn new skills very quickly...

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