How plug-and-play solutions augment e-commerce operations

For start-up and small e-commerce businesses, navigating the complexities of running an online business can be an overwhelming experience. In an increasingly competitive market, it becomes crucial to find ways to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency to stay ahead of the curve. This is where plug-and-play solutions come into play. These innovative tools and

Unipart Logistics wins RLC Foundation ‘Thought Leadership’ award

Unipart is proud to announce its recognition for the RLC Foundation Thought Leadership Award at the Royal Logistics Corps Foundation Awards dinner on the 29th of November. Simon Wheelton, Director of Strategy and Business Development for Aerospace and Defence, shared his thoughts on this significant achievement: “We were honoured and humbled to receive the Royal

How the retail market is influenced by consumer behaviour

The e-commerce market has seen a rapidly changing landscape over the past few years following the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw an increasing number of consumers turning to online shopping and many retailers setting up e-commerce operations to support sales lost due to the global quarantine. Following the removal of lockdown restrictions, online shopping was a

Alistair Plant appointed Head of Business Development for e-commerce

Unipart Logistics proudly welcomes Alistair Plant as the new Head of Business Development for E-commerce. With his vast experience in the supply chain logistics industry, Alistair is set to lead Unipart’s new E-commerce division to new heights alongside Emma Voss. Before joining Unipart Logistics, Alistair served as the Head of Sales for 3PL at Carlton

Emma Voss appointed Sector Strategy and Business Development Director of e-commerce

Introducing Emma Voss: Our new Sector Strategy and Business Development Director for our new Pioneering E-commerce Solutions Proposition. Emma’s arrival couldn’t be more exciting as we launch our innovative E-commerce division. With her extensive e-commerce and retail distribution background, Emma brings invaluable expertise to lead us into this exciting new chapter.  With 25+ years of

Unipart Net Zero 2040 externally validated as science-based target

Science Based Targets initiative logo

October 2023 – Unipart’s ambitious greenhouse gas emission reduction targets have been validated by the Science Based Targets initiative, adding external transparency and assurance to Unipart’s 2040 net zero objective. The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) is a global body that defines and promotes best practice in science-based target setting and independently assesses companies’ targets

Lee Fox appointed new Sector and Business Development Director of LLP

Unipart Logistics proudly announces Lee Fox as our new Sector and Business Development Director of LLP.  Before joining us, Lee served as Managing Director where he led services such as new vehicle preparation and large-scale de-fleet/refurbishment for OEMs and Fleet customers, showcasing his remarkable leadership and expertise.  Lee holds an impressive career that spans nearly

Franco Ziccardi Appointed Solution Design Transformation Director

  Franco Ziccardi appointed Solution Design Transformation Director Franco Ziccardi joins Unipart Logistics as Solution Design Transformation Director, reporting to Supply Chain Engineering and Innovation Director, Kath Skidmore.  Franco joins from Clipper where he was Project & Solutions Director, accountable for delivering Change Programmes (Projects, Solution Design, Implementation and Automation) for the UK&I network. He

Unipart Logistics wins multi-year contract with G.Network

Unipart Logistics wins multi-year contract with G.Network Unipart Logistics’ new multi-year contract with G.Network will deliver a wide range of services including the forward and reverse logistics of broadband routers and infrastructure equipment, recycling services, and distribution to G.Network’s field engineers, who work across London connecting customers to their 100% fibre network. Unipart will integrate

Lauron Cassoni Appointed Operational Excellence Director

  We proudly welcome Lauron Cassoni to Unipart as our new Operational Excellence Director, who will be reporting to Supply Chain Engineering and Innovation Director, Kath Skidmore.  Lauron has a remarkable background, including 15 years as Operational Excellence Director at DHL, where she managed an impressive array of 42 sites.  Lauron is poised to steer

Unipart Joins the CILT as a Corporate Member

Unipart Logistics has joined the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) as a Corporate Member. Gareth Uden, Business Unit Director said: “I have been involved with the CILT many years personally and I am delighted that Unipart is now a corporate member. Being able to access the knowledge, networks and know-how from the institute

Lost in logistics? Let us take care of it for you

As organisations continue to grow, the pressure to optimise operations and cost-effectiveness become more intense and you grow out of what once worked. One solution to this is outsourcing warehousing and logistics to a third-party logistics provider (3PL) or a Lead Logistics Partner (LLP). Outsourcing logistics can help accelerate your organisation’s true potential by letting

Data-driven energy saving at NHS Supply Chain Maidstone

NHS Supply Chain Maidstone drone image

Energy efficiency in the NHS Supply Chain is not only beneficial for the environment but essential to operational delivery. And following on from Energ-eyes Friday, a global event that encouraged all Unipart sites to brainstorm energy-saving ideas for their Unipart processes, and outside of work, NHS Supply Chain Maidstone assessed their systems to determine the

Digital capability the key to overcoming supply chain disruption

Ian Truesdale at the launch of the SAP report 'Tomorrow's Supply Chain: Disruption Around Every Corner'

June 2022 – Reengineering processes and streamlining data are the keys to UK economic growth in the face of increasing supply chain disruption, according to Unipart Logistics Managing Director Ian Truesdale. Reacting to findings in the SAP report ‘Tomorrow’s Supply Chain: Disruption Around Every Corner’ in London on Wednesday (8 June), Ian Truesdale said greater

Unipart Consultancy recognised among leading consultant firms by Financial Times

FT Management Consultants Logo

Unipart Consultancy has been recognised among the leading Management and Supply Chain Consultancies for the third year in a row, in a special Financial Times report. The UK’s Leading Management Consultants 2022 list is based on recommendation by clients and partners and associates of other consultancy organisations. Compiled in partnership with data company Statista, Unipart

Unipart wins RoSPA health and safety treble

RoSPA health and safety awards 2021 logo

June 2021 – Unipart scooped two golds and sector winner in the RoSPA health and safety awards. Organisations receiving a RoSPA Award are recognised as being world-leaders in health and safety practice. Every year, nearly 2,000 entrants vie to achieve the highest possible accolade in what is the UK’s longest-running health and safety industry awards.

Digital Maturity Assessment Privacy Notice

Unipart Group, registered at Companies House (00576777) is a manufacturing and logistics company which provides a set of products and services which create imaginative solutions for its customers.  Unipart is carrying out this survey in order to better understand the digital readiness for the medical device market. Unipart (“Our”, “We”, “Us”) is the data controller

Unipart Device Trading – Maximising Customer Cost Benefits

Unipart Device Trading maximises customer cost benefits and value add through intelligent sourcing, refurbishment and end to end logistics. Since 1999 Unipart has been providing high quality ‘Grade A’ refurbished and new mobile phones to the UK’s leading telecommunications companies, including network operators, insurance providers and retailers. Unipart provides end-to-end supply chain services from logistics

How to get your supply chain ready for the future of transport

New technology and power sources could revolutionise logistics In retail, much is made of the demand for flexible and even same-day delivery. However, this sector isn’t alone, with the need to find cost-effective solutions and new efficiencies evident throughout the logistics and supply chain industry.  Changes to transport as we know it – such as

Why We Need to Remove Single-Use Plastic from Supply Chains

How to head for a sustainable, cost-effective supply chain future  With over 8 million tons of plastic ending up in the oceans each year, businesses around the world are waking up to the fact that they need to review their corporate responsibility and address the environmental impact of their supply chains. There are benefits to

Battery disposal: big challenges for the supply chain

How can the industry deal with batteries in a safer, less wasteful way?  In February 2019, a recycling site fire in St Helens ignited an area of 50 x 50 metres and sparked public health warnings due to a resulting 30-metre-high smoke plume. It took firefighters a whole weekend to extinguish the blaze, which was

Why smart homes are the next technology supply chain challenge

Will you be ready for the next generation of supply, service and technological needs? According to the research and analytics group YouGov, “almost a quarter of Britons now own one or more smart home devices”. The figures refer to smart speakers, thermostats, lighting and security (although they exclude smart meters). Market data analysts Statista predict

Why supply chain managers are turning to new technology

From automation in production to picking and tracking tools, businesses are seeking new ways to streamline and enhance their logistics operations. In an age of heightened demand and greater consumer awareness, there is a growing need for brands to use innovative methods to reach targets, adopt sustainable habits and create a safer, more secure environment

Driving off into the sunset: how blockchain could protect automotive profits

Supporters say the possibilities with blockchain seem endless with a secure, transparent and shared system for automotive supply chains. However, not everyone agrees. Delivery delays, stolen parts and odometer fraud: what can be done about vehicle supply chain problems like these? The answer could be blockchain. According to a 2018 study by IBM, “62% of surveyed executives say blockchain will be

How recycled, used and remanufactured electronics will help satisfy customer demand

Why giving used gadgets ‘a new lease of life’ could be great for business It’s been suggested that consumers’ apparent interest in sustainability does not necessarily lead to action. However, the growing market for refurbished and second-hand mobile phones would seem to say something different.  As consumer pressure to be ‘green’ increases, electronics firms are

The security issue: why digital technology should put the automotive sector on guard

Smart technologies are now present throughout automotive supply chains. Is enough being done to protect them from possible cyber threats? On the one hand, new technologies enable more efficient running of automotive supply chains. They make it easier to manage complex processes across a fragmented sector. In addition, manufacturers are producing cars with increased connectivity

6 Business and Social Trends Reshaping the Supply Chain

The supply chain landscape is changing. Discover the six business and social trends responsible and what they could mean for your logistics operations. It’s only to be expected that an industry built on moving goods and services should also have to shift as technology and consumer tastes reshape the economic landscape. As revealed by industry

Why Returns Spell Success For The Consumer Technology Industry

Effective reverse logistics can satisfy compliance needs, improve the industry’s global impact and bolster profits. For the technology sector, a high performing supply chain is vital in the race to get the latest products into consumers’ hands. Short product life cycles and the high value of returns mean that reverse logistics is a core part

Top 10 Technology Trends Transforming Logistics

Download the PDF here Technology continues to transform traditional logistics processes, driving supply chain leaders to adapt. What do these technologies look like and how could you be impacted? Technology is driving change in all walks of life and logistics is no different. Connectivity and the widespread uptake of social media are increasing customer expectations, placing

Lessons for Health Logistics from the Automotive Sector

With the dual challenges of increasing demand and cost pressures, addressing supply chain challenges is becoming even more difficult for well-established healthcare companies. What if health logistics looked to different sectors for evolution? Within the health sector, supply chain management has been seen as a relatively niche concept. Across the healthcare system both clinical and

Looking East to Supply Chain Perspectives and Issues in China

China’s booming economy is turning heads. Is there space for Western companies to establish business there and what supply chain issues will they face? China investing heavily in transport logistics As with the rest of the world, mass globalisation has heightened pressures for logistical speed, paving the way for China’s $900 billion Belt and Road

Moving East: Optimising Your China Supply Chain Strategy

2017 saw the fastest economic growth in China for two years, signalling a wealth of opportunities for automotive, retail, and players from other industries looking to reach and engage new consumers around the world. Optimising the supply chain strategy around China’s logistics challenges is key for businesses looking to capitalise on the country’s exciting market conditions. But

The Impact of Big Data on Logistics

Almost 85 percent of organisations using big data expect it to dramatically alter the way they do business. Let’s look at the impact of big data on logistics. Data is all around us. When we leave the house in the morning, our mobile devices can tell us our ETA to work—without us even telling them

How to Create a Cost-Effective Supply Chain that Delights Your Customers

Our supply chain systems provide end-to-end visibility, helping businesses to assess the cost-effectiveness of their operations and optimise supply chain performance in line with customer expectations. A competitive advantage is everything in today’s business, and a world-class supply chain can deliver this. Information leads to intelligence. In particular, the accuracy, relevance and timeliness of information

The Ghost of Network Providers’ Future

With mobile network brands almost invisible, what can the present state of utilities tell us about the future of the mobile network sector? The mobile network sector is consolidating. Most people will identify the logo of the major network, but one imagines they would not be able to spell out a unique characteristic or brand

Autonomous Vehicles in The Intelligent Supply Chain

In this article we discuss the impending role of autonomous vehicles in the intelligent supply chain—and how they could benefit enterprises. Self driving trucks and ‘platooning’ have featured a lot in the news lately, drawing a heavy amount of skepticism, criticism and concern from the public. While few doubt that the future will bring autonomous

Four-Wheel Data Drive

Big data is on the agenda of most corporations and represents an opportunity to learn more and do more—to get better, you might say. Consider this scenario from the customer of a recently purchased four-wheel drive vehicle: “As a family, we have been experiencing difficulties with an 18-month-old car we had from new—a dashboard notice

The Secret to Balancing Process and Agility in Manufacturing

We caught up with Unipart Expert Practices MD Alan Kelly earlier this month to discuss the relevance of process and agility in promoting success up the supply chains of today—and tomorrow. Whether you are reassessing the efficiency of your existing operations or planning to future-proof your supply chain, process and agility are two words that

How Could Smart City Technologies Save Supply Chains Millions?

Smart cities could significantly reduce supply chain costs for enterprises. How can they achieve this, and what are the barriers standing in the way? Navigating our most congested cities, the average commercial vehicle driver wastes 129 hours a year sitting in traffic. In supply chain speak, that’s 16 work days of inactivity—for every driver. This

Are You Overspending on Your Field Engineer Network?

By optimising stockholding across field engineer networks, enterprises can ensure their engineers always have optimum inventory levels to routinely meet service requirements—and no more. In coming years, the most successful field engineer networks are going to be those that deliver service, efficiency and management of their vehicles—without overspending. Many businesses hold excessive inventory on their

Unclogging City Arteries: It’s All in the Last Mile

Part 1 As cities are being challenged by congestion and pollution, businesses must work with municipalities for a smarter, strategic approach. Smart city logistics represent a significant opportunity for businesses to optimise supply chain performance, in particular around last mile deliveries, but it is not technology alone that is making this possible. Nor is it

Are You Maximising the Full Value of Your Returns?

Faced with today’s pressures, many enterprises are rethinking their returns management, looking not only at the efficiency of their processes but whether or not they are getting sufficient financial yield for their returns. As shopping habits change and consumer expectations rise, traditional returns processing is struggling to keep up, leading many retail enterprises to consider

Can Your Logistics Provider Meet the Ever Changing Needs of the Automotive Industry?

By building agility into the supply chain and reducing inventory, logistics providers enable automotive enterprises to adapt more quickly and efficiently to new and emerging supply chain challenges. Not since Henry Ford improved mass-production with the first conveyor belt-based assembly line in 1913 have automotive supply chains experienced such a period of rapid change. China’s

Five Ways Blockchain Can Unblock Your Supply Chain

Futurist Don Tapscott said blockchain will allow companies to revolutionise their business models, but how can the technology unblock your supply chain? The conversation around data sharing can be a particular challenge for enterprises because of issues such as cost, information security, implementation, data standards, and relationship management. And yet, for urban logistics strategies and

How Automotive Enterprises are Harnessing Our Experience to Deliver Supply Chains of the Future

Our broad automotive network and experience in solution design can be harnessed by automotive companies to deliver more agile and capable supply chains—now and in the future. Drawing from our experience of production logistics and our manufacturing capability, we ensure automotive enterprises receive the right part, in the right place and at the right level

How Do You Meet Rising Customer Expectations Cost-Effectively?

As consumer expectations rise, so too does the cost of meeting them. How can today’s supply chain directors balance service standards and cost to consistently satisfy—and retain—their customers? The digital world has given consumers unparalleled access to businesses the world over. With this comes choice, convenience, and the ability to make more economic purchasing decisions.

3 Ways Smart Contracts Will Transform Supply Chains of the Future

Smart contracts, and the blockchain technology that underpins their use, are almost tailor-made for today’s complex, multifaceted supply chains. A study conducted at the Port of Antwerp, Belgium, found that, on average, there are 200 different interactions between 30 different parties involved in moving one container from one location to another. Each of those interactions

How Do You Get a Supply Chain to Really Perform?

More often than not, a supply chain may operate moderately well and deliver within tolerable limits. Customers may find the service acceptable, but nothing exceptional. Inventory levels may be higher than needed but for some traditionalists, plenty of inventory is a good thing, isn’t it? Actually, we think that most supply chains can improve performance

5 Top Warehousing Challenges You Shouldn’t Ignore

While overcoming the challenges faced by warehouse managers stands to improve the cost-effectiveness and profitability of warehouse operations, the issue extends much further than that. Customer engagement and operational excellence need to go well beyond cost reduction to make the supply chain a source of customer value. And in today’s customer-centric landscape, providing value to

Recognise These 5 Warning Signs? Your Supply Chain Could Be At Risk

The ability to sense danger before it occurs is paying dividends for many organisations both in maintaining high performance levels and reducing costs. At a time when agility and flexibility are of increasing importance, even the most well managed supply chains can be susceptible to unexpected short term problems that can have significant impact and

6 Data Skills Your Supply Chain Shouldn’t Be Without

In part 1 we explored why data literacy is so important to supply chain success. In part 2, let’s take a closer look at the key skills required for using data more effectively. ‘The purpose of this role is to mine, collate, interpret, and recommend detailed and summarised decision-making analysis of sales forecasts for our

AI and the future of supply chain management

Encompassing multiple, often overlapping disciplines across the supply chain, artificial intelligence is set to empower supply chain management on a global scale. As Forrester puts it, we’re six years into the Age of the Customer, when digitally empowered consumers place increased service expectations on every brand interaction. The Chartered Management Institute suggests that emerging technology

Considering Supply Chain Technology? How to guarantee ROI

While the right technology (applied in the right way) can make your supply chain incredibly efficient, many companies are struggling to ensure that they get a sound return on their investment. Gone are the days when a single system or ‘killer app’ would deliver superiority in a sector. With the lightning fast pace of change

Set Your Watch by Robotics, the Future of Warehousing

Where should you start when looking to embrace automated warehousing, and what are the challenges you might face along the way? An automated warehouse is a breathtaking sight: picture a circuit-board of activity as scores of box-shaped robots soar between pallets, scanning shelves and retrieving stock for delivery to a picking station. This is just

Automotive Supply Chains: the Coming Revolution

Automotive supply chains are facing a massive revolution that will see driverless cars, shrinking production volumes and highly customised products shaping the sector. While these developments are seemingly unconnected, they do have one thing in common—all of them will require greater agility in the supply chain. Driverless cars Autonomous vehicles are within sight, with the

How Unipart is Reducing Lead Times and Improving Quality in Enterprise Repair Models

Our background in innovation and experience in reverse logistics means we produce tailored solutions that enable our customers to repair products better and deliver them faster—reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction. Our tailored repair solutions means we design, implement, and manage your repair model according to your specific requirements. With market leading turnaround times, we

The Milkman Was Ahead of His Time

As recently as 1980, 89 per cent of all milk consumed by British households was delivered by a milkman. Expansion of supermarket chains has all but made this job extinct, but looking back, we can see that the milkman was way ahead of his time, and not just because he used an electric vehicle. So

Sensors Can Make Sense of the Urban Bottlenecks

Part 2 As cities are being challenged by congestion and pollution, businesses must work with municipalities for a smarter, strategic approach. City bosses find themselves in a race against time to address a wide range of challenges before they become critical, with issues like rising emissions as a result of congestion directly affecting the health,

How Intelligent Fleet Solutions are Transforming Field Engineer Networks

We accurately align engineer stock holding with service requirements, enabling enterprises to maintain optimised inventories across their fleet network—at a reduced cost. We connect field engineers in even the most complex supply chains. Efficiencies are achieved by using data from Smart Vans to find new ways to optimise assets and build competitive advantage for our

Shaping the Supply Chain Through Smart Resource Planning

In one of our previous articles we highlighted the value of tracking efficiency and utilisation as a means of measuring productivity across the supply chain. Equipped with this information, operators will be able to plan activities with higher degrees of precision and accordingly become more reliable in terms of achieving both cost and service expectations.

Productivity, Are We Giving Ourselves the Complete Picture?

Productivity has always been important but it is becoming increasingly so. Achieving and setting productivity standards underpins cost budgets, whilst also informing the resource levels needed to reach service levels. A miscalculation will nearly always have a consequence, in this scenario operations either overspend or under deliver and neither are palatable. Get it right consistently