Unipart Logistics is part of The Unipart Group which today spans Manufacturing, Logistics and Consultancy.

Our roots are in manufacturing within the automotive sector - but our history has required us to reinvent ourselves, several times, in order to maintain a competitive advantage.

Being able to offer our customers the learning from our own journey of reinvention has never been more relevant than in today’s fast changing world, where new technology and new competitors are swiftly eroding traditional competitive advantage.
Our whole approach to logistics has evolved from our years of experience in the highly productive automotive industry, with its vastly complex supply chain.
Today, we have successfully adapted that industrial knowledge and experience to provide a wide range of logistics services that have proved capable of meeting the needs of many of the world’s best known and most demanding companies.
Together with our industrial experience, we use the Unipart Way, our unique way of working developed over many years, to engage every one of our people involved in your business, at every level, in regularly generating practical, new ideas for your benefit. We also constantly seek innovative ways of adapting the latest digital technology, as part of an approach designed to provide an agile and tailored response to all your needs.
For all our customers, our simple aim is constantly to search out imaginative and transformative opportunities that go beyond traditional logistics, in order to help you sustain and build your competitive advantage and the service your customers receive.