Improving Productivity

Through its global operations, Unipart works with clients across a wide range of sectors including automotive, technology, financial services, healthcare, utilities, industrial, manufacturing, rail, retail and distribution, aerospace and defence, and the public sector. The Group provides a wide range of business support services to these different sectors, but they all have a common factor – they are all designed to help improve productivity for our customers.

For instance, Unipart realised a 45% increase in productivity for a global financial services company. The area of the business: the customer complaints resolution process. The client’s goal: 15%. Unipart exceeded the target by reducing non-value added steps by 80%.

One of our clients gained a productivity increase that saw product generated in 1.5 hours instead of 1 ½ days. That’s what happened when Unipart worked with a power generation design company. Using Unipart Way techniques and training designers to map the processes and identify quality checks, Unipart enabled the client to produce their product faster and error-free.

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Solving the Productivity Puzzle

In thought-provoking interviews, the UK’s most influential business leaders share their views on improving productivity.

“Solving the Productivity Puzzle” is a series of six short documentaries presented by broadcasting journalist Juliet Mann, who anchors CNN’s weekly business programme, Marketplace Europe. To see the videos, go to