Paradigm Insight helps ScotRail minimise disruption

The problem

ScotRail previously relied on an OTMR (On-Train Monitoring Recorder) for a range of safety and service data. The problem was that ScotRail staff had to manually download the data to perform any kind of analysis – making it hard to work together to solve any issues.

The solution

Instrumentel designed a remote monitoring solution. Data extraction takes place multiple times per second. It’s encrypted and correlated with GPS data for a richer, real-time view of vehicle performance. Instrumentel’s new Diagnostic Hub was also fitted to the fleet in instalments to minimise disruption across the fleet – a testament to Instrumenel’s ‘design for install’ approach.

The Impact

ScotRail now has access to more data than ever before. It’s displayed on Instrumentel’s Paradigm Insight portal, which is available on any device. This means dispersed teams can collaborate to identify key events which might impact passengers, drivers or maintenance teams. The new data is being used as an early warning system for failures as well as for health checks of key assets, such as the engine, battery and brake systems.