Engaging Employees

The Unipart Way drives employee engagement by unlocking the capability of people at all levels of the organisation.

Some of the best examples of employee engagement come from our many problem solving teams that deliver innovative solutions to business problems.

Our approach to creative problem solving has been developed within our own company programme, Our Contribution Counts Circles, over the past twenty years. It provides a simple, six-stage approach to enabling people to work in teams to solve problems at their own level. This approach delivers improved ways of working by giving people increased confidence and knowledge. In most cases, this problem solving reduces cost for the company while making people’s jobs easier and more effective.

Our customers see the advantages of ‘Performance through Engagement, which is delivered by using The Unipart Way inside their own companies. Not only do they get reduced cost and the elimination of waste, but they also benefit from hundreds of innovative ideas. This is a result of having a employees that are truly engaged in helping to grow their business by generating ideas and solving problems. It can bring considerable customer benefits as our case histories show.

Hear Unipart Chairman and Group Chief Executive John Neill as he discusses the leader’s role in engaging employees. This was recorded at the 2011 NHS Annual Confederation.