Aligning Strategy deployment with Programme management and Project delivery to create capacity, focus and prioritisation of business goals

Unipart Consultancy supports organisations to define strategic aims and desired results, before deploying their resources to deliver them through an aligned suite of programmes and projects that can be effectively cascaded through the business.

This integrated and collaborative approach unlocks a number of benefits:  

  • Ideation and communication strategy, with clear vision, mission, aims and targeted result
  • Identification of activities and programmes that are critical to deliver an organisation’s aims, creating capacity and focus within teams
  • Accountability and governance structure ensuring prioritisation of activity and results based actions
  • Employees understand and engaged in personal contribution to strategy 
  • Safe delivery of strategic benefits / transformation through controlled project and programme capability

Strategy Deployment

The key to ensuring aligned,successful, enterprise-wide strategy deployment is to define clear top level aims for your organisation and realistic but ambitious results that can be cascaded through the organisation in a series of fully supported and aligned programmes and projects.

Our approach to strategy cascade, derived from ‘Hoshin Kanri’, is called Policy Deployment and is used to plan, communicate and put into action strategic goals.

Unipart Group has been using this methodology inside its own business operations for over 20 years, and acts as a recognised expert to challenge and support external clients to develop, plan and deliver their own strategic aims.


Programme Delivery

C-Level and functional leadership workshops, critical analysis and ongoing coaching interventions assess strategy definition and deployment and stress test future evolution and ongoing governance.

We apply robust programme management structures to ensure safe setup and mobilisation and benefit realisation.

Our programme consultancy practice includes:

Cost Engineering, Estimation & Whole Life Analysis

  • Risk Management
  • Quality Management
  • Scheduling and Assurance
  • Change Management and Control

Project Management

Project management resources and advisory to support the safe, benefits-led delivery of individual projects within the programme.

  • Management of Projects on behalf of the customer
  • Advisory on how to manage projects more effectively

Follows proven Unipart Project Delivery System (PDS) approach to project delivery applied across a breadth of blue chip organisations globally. PDS applies a gateway approach to delivering projects in an integrated manner, on time, to budget and minimising the process and operational complexity.

Benefits of collaborative P3M solution:

Ideation and communication of an ambitious but realistic strategy, with clear vision, mission, aims and targeted results

Identification of activities and programmes that are critical to organisational direction creating capacity and focus within teams

Defined ownership, accountability and governance structure ensures reprioritisation of activity and deviation from results is informing and driving action

Employees engaged in their own value and contribution to the overall strategy

Projected benefits achieved through project and programme delivery 

P3M customers include: